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Here is a daily list of my favorite business tools, including some products I use to maintain my keto lifestyle. 

Favorite Tools

This is what I use in my business day in and day out!

Start sending gorgeous emails. FloDesk is an easy-to-use email software. Click the button below to receive 50% off.


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Hate your website? You won't when you use Showit. Showit + EM Shop makes building your website EASY!


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This is the best and easiest website design. Choose from several templates. Use code "BRENDA" to get 10% off of any template.

EM Shop

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Website Templates

Website Builder

Email Software

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Wear shoes that mimic walking or running barefoot while protecting your feet!

Xero Shoes

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This planner will help you stay on track with your health, fitness, and life goals

Push Journal

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Health & Fitness Planner

Barefoot Shoes

Exogenous Ketones

Kickstart Your Metabolism: A Beginner's Guide to Keto For Weight Loss

6 steps to start the keto diet

Free Keto Guide

Make it clear WHAT they get and WHY they should sign up!

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Freebie Three

Use these downloads to grow your biz!

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