When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I was a normal weight but I felt fat. Eating healthy and exercising has always been important to me.  I loved exercising; that was never a problem.  My weight loss and fitness journey began when I was in high school. 

My name is Brenda Humphreys Jones and I became interested in health and fitness when I was in high school. I heard people at school talking about Charlene Prickett, an exercise instructor on television.

Exercise and Eating Healthy

Immediately I was interested and found what time her show, “It Figures,” was airing. The very next day I started exercising with her and fell in love with fitness. I watched her show for a while, and then I bought many of Charlene’s video cassettes to workout from home.  Health and fitness have been a part of my life ever since.  Years later, I started going to fitness centers. 

Eating the right kinds of foods has been an important part of my life also.

Back in the 80s, the health advice was to eat low-fat foods and lots of breads (carbohydrates). So that is what I did because I was told that is was healthy. I ate low fat and high carbohydrates, just like I was taught in school.

It seemed to work. I was a normal weight even though I still felt fat.

Weight Loss Struggle

I didn’t really gain weight until I got a job in an office where there was always junk food in the break room. I didn’t want to pass that up.  This is when I struggled with weight loss. 

The first couple of years working at this job was fine. I was still watching what I ate, except for eating junk food at work. Exercising every day was a must for me, either watching a video or going to the gym. I rested on Sundays.

The weight started creeping on after a few years of adding unhealthy foods into my diet. Because I ate healthy at home, I thought a few doughnuts or chocolate wouldn’t hurt me. I workout every day. Calories in calories out. As long as I exercised enough, I can have that extra bad food in my diet. So I thought.

I started gaining weight and could not lose it. It was frustrating. Why can’t I lose weight? I never had a weight problem before. I did gain a little weight, but not too much for it to matter.

After my job ended at this company, my weight still was increasing. It was getting out of control. My unhealthy eating habits continued for about ten more years.

My doctor was writing in the medical charts that I was obese. I didn’t think I was that fat!  I need to find a weight loss plan. 

Healthy Eating

I was fifty years old and got married. I was now back in control of what I ate. Previously, I lived with people who did not eat very well and I had to eat what they provided. It was not a good situation.

Anyways, now that I was married I could cook healthy meals. I changed my diet and continued exercising every day. My weight was finally coming off. It took me about three months to lose all the weight. I am now down to my normal weight, and I don’t feel fat.

I actually look in the mirror and don’t see fat. Before, I always saw bulges and hated it. Trying on clothes is so much more fun and easier now. I don’t have to hide my fat anymore. I am happy about my weight now.

Before I started my weight loss and fitness journey, I began to run with a running group. I remember pace groups would be called out and I was way in the back of the group. I didn’t know if I could stay up with the slowest people.

Now I run marathons. I have gotten a lot better at running since those first days. Training for marathons was part of my weight loss and fitness journey.  I still run at least ten miles every Saturday.  It is something I love to do.  People in my running group and at the gym saw my transformation and are still amazed by it.

Now I want to write about health and fitness to teach other people who are overweight even though they exercise and count calories and know there must be a better way.

My Weight Loss and Fitness Journey
Article Name
My Weight Loss and Fitness Journey
The weight started creeping on after a few years of adding unhealthy foods into my diet. I ate healthy at home. I thought a few doughnuts or chocolate wouldn't hurt me. I workout every day.

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