The Brain Warrior’s Way by Daniel Amen: Book Review

The Brain Warrior’s Way by Daniel Amen: Book Review

The Brain Warrior’s Way, by Daniel G. Amen and Tana Amen, illustrates how to improve the health of your brain by creating new habits. The book is filled with advice and success stories from clients who followed The. Brain Warrior’s Way plan. It is not filled with technical and medical terms. On the contrary, it is easy and enjoyable to read.

I have been following Dr. Daniel Amen for a few years now. While I was researching Integrative Nutrition, I came across Daniel Amen. In January 2020, he started broadcasting a six-week class called “The End of Mental Illness: Brain Health Revolution,” in which he was also promoting his new book with the same name. After I watched the broadcasts, I immediately wanted to read his previous book, The Brain Warrior’s Way. I got the book right away and started reading it. His wife, Tana Amen, wrote the companion book, “The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook.” His new book became available in stores in March 2020.

The Brain Warrior’s Way Synopsis

Daniel Amen often tells his patients to ask themselves before making a decision, “Is this good for my brain or bad for it?” For example, at some restaurants, we can have as much free bread before a meal as we want. If we ask this question to ourselves, the answer should be “no.” Do not have the waitress bring the bread to your table because eating this food is not good for your brain. Make better decisions by continuously asking this question. Soon it will become a habit, and it will be easy to say no to bad foods and yes to healthy alternatives.

The program in this The Brain Warrior’s Way is the exact advice Daniel Amen and his associates give their clients at Amen Clinics. It improves the health of the brain and body by helping you to create healthy habits. The more healthy decisions you make a habit, the more spontaneous it becomes. You won’t have to think about it because it will become automatic.

“To be a Brain Warrior, you must love your brain, understand what to avoid because it hurts your brain, and know what to do to keep your brain healthy.” (page 64)

Brains can become damaged from age, head injuries, toxins, and many other ways. The great news is that it does not need to stay that way. There are ways to improve your brain through food, environment, and physical activity. Many people don’t realize that their brain has been damaged.

“Now, twenty-five years later, my brain looks younger and healthier, which is not usually what happens as we get older. Typically, brains become less and less active over time, but now we know it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve discovered that with the right strategies brain aging is optional.” (page 14)

Amen Clinics

Patients at Amen Clinics get brain scans to show what is wrong with their brain, and so the doctors can diagnose and know how to treat the patient. Amen utilizes the SPECT imaging for the brain in his clinics. He says that every other medical professional scan the body to see what is wrong, except for psychiatry. Once he learned about SPECT imaging, he started using this scan to see the health of the brain of his patients.

SPECT imaging shows three things about brain function. I could have too little activity, too much activity, or good activity. Of course, you want to get your brain function to good activity.

Depending on which brain type you are, there different treatment plans. Since most people cannot go to Amen Clinics to get their brains scanned, Daniel Amen developed a brain assessment to do online to figure out your brain type. The questions only take about five minutes to complete.

The Brain Warrior’s Way has advice throughout the whole book to get your body and brain healthy. At the end of the book, there is a 14-day program that includes what foods to eat and a journal to keep track of what you eat and your activities every day. There is also a checklist of reminders and things to do.

My Analysis of The Brain Warrior’s Way

I received a lot of valuable information from The Brain’s Warrior’s Way. I refer back to this book often to make sure I am doing it right. It is hard to remember everything by just reading the book once or twice.

It is much better than a diet book. If you eat correctly and follow the plan, it is just natural to lose weight. But the book is not focused on losing weight; it is to have a healthy brain so you can have a better quality of life. I like how there is active advice throughout the whole book.

Personally, food affects my brain tremendously. Eating sugar and some other foods give me a headache. Unless I eat perfectly, my head hurts. Recently I figured out that eating walnuts give me headaches. I would love to get my brain scanned at Amen Clinics to see what brain type I am and to get a personalized treatment plan. In the meantime, I will follow the plan in the book and take the brain assessment online.

The 14-day meal plan give the names of recipes, but you need to go to its companion, The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook, to get the recipes. I would have liked the recipes in the book, but it just gives more room to go into more detail in what you can do to improve the health of your brain. I have both books.  These foods are suggestions.  You can choose any food you want within the specific guidelines. 

This book is for anyone who wants to get more healthy, especially if you have mental or physical ailments.

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