The main character is Nikki Gillette. She is investigating an old case where a mother, Blondell O’Henry, supposedly killed her oldest daughter and injured her two other children. Most people in their small town believed that she injured herself to look like she was a victim. They wanted her to be put in jail and throw away the key. It has been twenty years since she was convicted and sent to jail. Now her son, who is 28 years old now, recants his story and says that his mother did not shoot him or his sister. In court when he was eight years old he had testified that his mother shot his sister.

Nikki was excited to investigate this case because she was also looking for a criminal case that she was emotionally connected to write a book. She had written two books prior to this and needed one more to fulfill her contract with her publishing company. Nikki had known Amity when she was younger. They both went to the same high school. The mystery throughout the book is that the night Amity died, she called Nikki and asked her to meet her because she had something very important to tell her. Nikki said she would but never made it because her parents were fighting and she couldn’t sneak out of the house.

“She’d never really told the truth about the night Amity had been killed at the cabin in the woods – never admitted that Amity had asked her to come – and she’d buried that guilt deep. But maybe now she’d have her chance. Maybe now she could make right a very deeply felt and festering wrong. (Page 33)”


Since Nikki is the main character, we heard mostly from what she was doing and feeling.  Sometimes Lisa Jackson wrote scenes where we got to see what Reed was doing with his side of the investigation.  I wanted to hear from both Reed and Nikki.  They are both working on the same case and will be husband and wife soon. 

A few times when Nikki was interviewing Blondell O’Henry in jail to get her side of the story the author told us what Blondell was thinking.  It made it more interesting and trying to figure out what she is hiding.  Why wouldn’t she want to tell her side and maybe get herself out of jail?  I enjoyed the suspense with finding out what really happened that night Amity O’Henry was murdered. The suspense kept me interested in continuing to read the story until the very end. There were lots of twists. A little romance between Nikki and Reed was a good addition to the story.

Another great crime novel I did a book review was Melancholy Baby by Robert B Parker.


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This book is the third and final book in the Savannah series by Lisa Jackson. The main character, Nikki Gillette, investigates a twenty year old crime because the murderer is going to be released from jail.

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