Sting by Sandra Brown


Sting is a mystery novel about murder, kidnapping, and the FBI.  The reader never knows who to believe.  The story is narrated from different characters’ point of views which are all trying to figure out the truth.  There is also some twists in the book which makes it more intriguing because it keeps you wondering if there is going to be another shift in the story.


Billy Panella hires Mickey Bolden as a hit man to kill Jordie Bennett.    Mickey then employs another person, Shaw Kinnard, to help with the job, and for compensation, he will receive half the reward money.  Shaw eagerly accepts the invitation and rushes to Mickey’s location, after he finishes his current job of killing two men.  The action starts right away.  The two men are in a bar in Louisianna relaxing with some beers.  They’ve been following Jordie all day and were told to kill her the next day.  However, plans changed when Jordie walked into the bar.  Panella instructs them to kill her right there that night.

Mickey and Shaw leave the bar and waits in their car in the parking lot outside the bar.  As soon as Jordie leaves the bar to go to her car, Mickey hurries out of his car to kill Jordie.  But Shaw is faster and shoots and kills Mickey first.  And then he kidnaps Jordie.


Many different events are happening at the same time.  The author switches back and forth between the scenes and telling them from different characters’ perspectives.  Shaw received the call from Mickey on a Tuesday hiring him for the job.  Also that same day Jordie’s brother escapes from the FBI.  The FBI is searching for Josh, Jordie, Panella, and the stolen money.

The whole story stems from the Bennett-Panella fraud case that happened six months ago.  Josh Bennett and Billy Panella had teamed up to steal money from people by enticing with a fraudulent business deal.  They made $30 million.  The FBI is trying to find Panella and the money.  Josh became an informant for the FBI in exchange for safety in their protection program.

There are many stories to follow and mysteries to solve, along with figuring out who is telling the truth.  There is a little romance in the novel to make it more enjoyable.


Once I started reading Sting, I wanted to keep on reading.  It occupied my mind so much that as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, I thought about the book and wanted to continue to find out how they got out of the situation the found themselves in now.  The different plot twists made it an enjoyable read.  After the first shift in the book, I anticipated more.  It is an easy read with the plot not being complicated.

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Sting is a mystery novel. Shaw kidnapped Jordie Bennett and is demanding two million dollars to kill her. Panella wants her dead. Her brother, Josh, is a fugitive.

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