Boost Metabolism by Following 3 Simple Rules Without Counting Calories


21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart informs readers how making better food choices to boost metabolism  Best of all; there are no more counting calories.   Neal Barnard explains why some foods are harmful and what they do inside the body.  The main points of the diet emphasize replacing animal products, eliminating dairy, and minimizing oil.  There are only a few rules to follow.


  1. Replace Animal Products

    To have a healthy diet, you need to decrease fatty foods.  Animal products are part of that group.  When animals overeat, they get fat, and consequently, it gets transferred to you in the meat.  Eggs are not good either because they contain a lot of fat and cholesterol.

  2. Eliminate Dairy

    Cut all milk and cheese out of your diet.  Both the dairy fat and protein are a concern.  For one, many individuals are lactose intolerant, and this is becoming more common.

  3. Minimize Oil

    Keep all fats and oils to a minimum.  Do not eliminate them since your body does require some fat.  This includes the healthy varieties, such as Olive Oil.  To get fats out of your cells so that they can function, you need to eat less fat.

Since you are decreasing or eliminating some foods, you need to replace it with another food that is a healthier choice.  Boost metabolism by eating more fiber.  It will keep you satiated.  Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and beans.  Carbohydrates are not frowned upon in this diet.  Bread and pasta are allowed, and not just the whole wheat variety.

“One of fiber’s greatest attributes is its ability to tackle your appetite. Fiber signals your brain that you’re full.  Here’s how it works.  In your stomach, fiber holds water, so it’s heavy enough to trick your stomach into thinking you have eaten quite a lot.  But fiber has virtually no calories.  In other words, it alerts your brain that you’ve eaten too many calories.” (p. 26)



There are no counting calories on this diet.  If you eat the correct foods, you will naturally stop eating when you are full.  Your body will not crave more food because it will be getting all the nutrients it needs.

“The success of this program is not based on willpower.  Instead, it is based on using the power of foods to change the basic body processes that determine your size and shape.  Certain foods trigger the appetite centers, causing you to overeat.  Others trigger the satiety centers – the parts of your brain that tells you to stop eating – so you eat less” (p. 6)

Chapter 8 inspires and encourages dieters as they go through the program with tips and encouragement every day, which helps to keep dieters from quitting the program.  The daily lessons include inspiration and nutrition tips to help you to understand what is happening in your body and why you should be eating certain foods.  It is like Neal Barnard is there right beside you during the whole 21-day journey.  He talks a lot about replacing ingredients, such as cheese and milk, with healthier foods.  For example, replace regular milk with almond or soy milk.

There are a lot of recipes in the book.  However, they are only a guideline to the right foods to eat.  Most of the book comprise information to give the reader knowledge to develop their own recipes.  They can keep their favorite recipes and switch out some ingredients to a healthier one.



Explaining in detail why I should be eating a certain food is very helpful to me.  I always need to know why before I do something.  I love how Neal Barnard explains why eating fiber is good for us.  He describes how when fibrous food reaches our stomachs; the food expands and that is why we feel full.  I understand now and want to follow his advice.  21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart diet makes sense and works.

I also think that it is helpful that he teaches you how to choose the right foods so that you can create your own recipes.  In some diet books, you need to eat what they tell you every day.


21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart
Article Name
21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart
A diet that will boost metabolism by following three rules: Eliminate dairy, replace animal products, and minimize oil. There are no counting calories.

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