Network marketing is a tough business with 98% failure rate.   Even the successful network marketers can lose their income instantly.  However, they are very good at what they do and can find another company to build their team and income quickly.

Why network marketers lose their residual income:

Close doors

Many network marketing companies fail and close their doors. The company reps either search for another network marketing company and rebuild their team or they give up on the whole idea and find some other way to make money.

Change compensation plan

The network marketing company decides to change their compensation plan, which they can do anytime they want, which causes a significant decrease in their paychecks.

Lose their downline

Reps can lose the majority of their downline if someone in their downline decides to leave and go to another company and they take most of their downline with them.  This happens quite often.

A small percentage of network marketers do become successful.  Diversifying residual income provides more financial security.  MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) is a complementary affiliate company for network marketers.  It provides a lot of benefits that will teach people how to become more successful in their businesses.

Benefits of MyLeadSystemPro


Provides hundreds of training tutorials on how to recruit more people into your business, how to use social media to promote your business, and how to find more people to share your business opportunity to.


MLSP has many free resources included in the membership including MLSP Funnelizer to create sales and landing pages, CRM with done-for-you email sequence, and your own blog website hosted by MLSP.

Products with 100% commission

Sells products that will give you 100% of the profit.  These are easy products to sell along with your network marketing products.  The products do not compete with the products that you are already selling.  There are other MLSP products that will give you a smaller commission.

MLSP has everything in one place.  They having training on Facebook ads, blogging, creating sales pages, Twitter, Instagram, Webinars, and a whole lot more.  There is also a training webinar every Wednesday night that you can invite prospects to and MLSP does the presentation for you. This is a nice way to have another avenue for residual income every month.

There are two things I don’t like about MLSP.

First, MyLeadSystemPro is adamant about selling their product, the membership.  When selling one of their products through their landing page, they will promote the MLSP membership first and your business opportunity is displayed at the bottom of the page.  This may turn some people off.  If you don’t like it, you can create your own sales page with your affiliate link.

Second, there is a lot of hype in the videos displayed on the sales pages.  It is not my style, but that is what the sales business is about.  In spite of that, they still got me hooked.

Overall, I recommend MyLeadSystemPro for network marketers because it is another source of residual income that does not interfere with your own product.  Furthermore, if customers do not like your product, they might like MLSP.  There is a $10 introductory offer to try out for 10 days, cancel at any time.

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