The Girl on the Train is about a girl who rides the same train every day going to work and coming home.  Rachel searches for answers to the murder mystery of Megan.  Consequently, she also figures out the truth about her marriage.  The story enticed me to keep on reading to the end so that I can find out what happened to Megan.


All the chapters, which are short, are titled by the character who is telling the story from their perspective.  The three characters are Rachel, Megan, and Anna.  Furthermore, each chapter includes the date which the events in that section took place.  Megan’s story lags behind those of Rachel’s and Anna’s. Rachel is the girl on the train who is infatuated with a husband and wife, Megan and Scott.   They live on the same street as she used to live on when she was married.  However, Rachel does not know them since they moved into their house after her departure.  However, she can see their house from the train and takes an interest in their life from afar.

Rachel’s husband, Tom,  still lives in the house they bought when they got married.  He has a new wife, Anna, and a baby girl.

Every day Rachel looks out the train’s window at the stop where she can see the street where she used to live and to watch Megan and Scott.  Since she didn’t know their real names,  she made up names for them and fantasized about the perfect life that they have.

Rachel is an alcoholic.  One day she drank too much and blacked out while visiting her old neighborhood.  The next day she couldn’t remember anything that happened.  Alarmingly, on that same night, Megan went missing.  Throughout the rest of the book, Rachel searches for answers to what happened that night.  She tries desperately to recall the events of that night, along with the mystery of what happened to Megan.  She knows there is a link between the two.


I liked this story, and can’t wait to see the movie coming out based on this book.  The book is an easy read and a page turner.  I didn’t want to stop reading.  At the end of some chapters, the author inserted suspense where I had to keep reading so I would find out the answer. This murder mystery is different than other crime books since an unreliable witness, not a detective, solves the case.


The Girl On The Train
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The Girl On The Train
The Girl on the Train is about a girl who rides the same train every day going to work and coming home. Rachel searches for answers to the murder mystery of Megan. In order for her to figure out what happened to Megan and who did it, Rachel needs to get back her memories of that night. She was drinking that night and had a black out.
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