Benefits of Lemon Water

Jun 10, 2016 | HEALTH TIPS

Drink at least your body weight in ounces of water each day.  For example, if you weigh 150 lbs, drink 75 oz of water every day.  There are several benefits of lemon water.  How do you drink that much water in one day? 

Portioning your water will make it less overwhelming.  If you need to drink 4 or 5 bottles of water (16.9 oz), then put aside that many so that you know exactly how much you need to drink.  It is easier to have the full amount ready and then take from that stash throughout the day.  That way you can keep track of how many more bottles you still need to drink. 

Also it is better to drink one 16 oz glass of water in one sitting, rather than sipping on water all day long.

You can also fill up a half gallon (64 oz) container at the beginning of the day, which would be your total water for the day.

Benefits of Lemon Water

Add lemon to your water for extra health benefits. Drink 16 oz water with lemon as soon as you wake up in the morning, and then wait 20-30 minutes before eating breakfast.  Ideally, you should use lemon juice from a freshly squeezed organic lemon.  But pure lemon juice found in a container found at most grocery stores is fine. 

Repeat this before each meal.  I drink a 16.9 oz bottle of water with lemon 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, totaling 50.7 oz.   Then I have plain water the rest of the day.  I usually have another glass of water two hours before I go to bed.

There are many benefits of Lemon Water.  Lemon juice helps to cleanse your liver and also prepares you stomach for the digestion process.  That is why drinking lemon juice 20-30 minutes before a meal is important.  It also helps rid your body of toxins. 

During Exercise

Water during exercise is essential.  As your body sweats, you need to replenish that water.  My suggestion though is to not drink a ton of water one hour before exercising.  Otherwise, you will need to interrupt your exercise workout to go to the bathroom.  There is no set amount, just drink when you feel thirsty during exercise.  Your body will tell you that it wants more water.  Be kind and rehydrate your body. 

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