Can eating fat really make you thin?  Author Mark Hyman answers this question in his book Eat Fat, Get Thin.

I first heard about Mark Hyman from a speech he gave at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I am taking their program now to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Mark’s speech is part of the curriculum. After hearing his lecture I immediately wanted to read his books because he inspired me so much and he gave a lot of good health information.


The first part of the book is about studies that have been done about whether fat is good for you.  The studies vary in their conclusions.  Mark Hyman explains why the studies are wrong and the new research out now to dispel what we used to believe about eating fat. The old myth of eating fat will make you fat has now been proved to not be true.  Eating the right fats will actually make you thin.  Mark Hyman describes in great detail about the many different kinds of fats.  He also describes many studies that have been done concerning the health of people who eat saturated fat.

The second part of the book deals more with specific foods, such as olive oil and nuts.  Mark Hyman explains the best way to buy, prepare, and store these foods for the highest nutritional benefit. Nutrition is lost if the food is prepared or stored the wrong way.

The third part includes the diet plan with lots of recipes and what to do before you begin this new way of eating.  There are different stages of the diet.  This is a detox diet so there will be a lot of food you will not be allowed to have.  Finally, in the transition phase, more food are brought into the diet.


The book is loaded with great nutritional advice.

“Saturated fats lower inflammation when consumed with a low-carb, high-fiber, omega-3-rich diet.  And lowering inflammation is key to healing and weight loss.” (p. 97)

“The main reason that grass-fed meat is better for you is that you are not what you eat – you are what your food eats!”  Cows are supposed to eat grass, but most times they are fed grain.  Cow’s stomachs were not made to eat grain, so the farmers give the cows antibiotics to counteract the bloating that they get from the grain.  Grass-fed meat is healthy for you because it is loaded with nutrients that your body needs.  It is more expensive than the grain-fed beef, but you don’t need to eat as much.


The author describes a lot of studies in the first half of the Eat Fat, Get Thin which were boring to me.  Furthermore, Mark Hyman detailed most of the types of saturated fats, such as stearic acid, lauric acid, and palmitic acid.  Which is fine if he would then explain what they meant. After reading a little further I started to understand when he talked about these certain types.   I felt that he was communicating with another doctor, not a client who picked up the book because they wanted to get healthy.

Once I got to the second and third parts of the book, I began to really feel that I was getting some good information.  This book is great for beginners.  Choosing the right kinds of oils and learning what to look for on the label enlightened me.  I never knew what extra virgin olive oil meant.  The recipes are easy to follow, even if you are a beginner.  Just in case someone doesn’t know how to cook, the author goes step by step in how to prepare the meals.  For example, he writes about how to blanch, roast, saute, along with many other methods.

Eat Fat, Get Thin
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Eat Fat, Get Thin
A diet book that will teach you how to choose the good fats to eat and how eating these fats will help you lose weight. Eat more fat!
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