Find Your Creativity Again The Artist’s Way

The author, Julia Cameron, teaches techniques in a 12-week course to find your creativity again The Artist’s Way.  In the book, she gives the reader specific assignments to be completed, which are designed to help you get through writer’s block.  The author wrote this book for any artist, writer, actor, painter, musician, etc. Each chapter comprises one week of the course along with the explanation and assignments that go along with it.


At the beginning of the book, readers are instructed to begin a habit of writing their Morning Pages every day as soon as they wake up.   Start a journal.  Morning pages consist of writing three pages of your thoughts.  Just write anything that comes to your mind.  Start with the dreams that you had that night.  Then write down random thoughts.  If you can’t think of anything, write down what happened yesterday or your gratitudes.  Maybe write down your plans for the day.  However, this is not the time to write down your to-do list.  The whole exercise is to write down your thoughts, concerns, fears, and excitement.

Your dreams will become stronger and clearer, both by night and by day.  You will find yourself remembering your nighttime dreams, and by day, daydreams will catch your attention.” (p. 84)

 Artist’s Date is another assignment which will become a weekly habit.  Take two hours every week to do something fun by yourself.  Don’t let anyone come along with you because this is your time.  It is a date with you and the artist inside you.  Ultimately the Artist’s Date will become something that is joyful and that you will anticipate every week.  Have fun and enjoy this time.  


Exercise is important for our mind and creativity.  During this meditative state, our mind opens up, and we can think more clearly.  It is at this time where we can find solutions to our problems.

Exercise is often the going that moves us from stagnation to inspiration, from problem to solutions, from self-pity to self-respect. . . We learn to look at things with a new perspective.We learn to solve our problems by tapping our own inner resources and listening for inspiration, not only from others but from ourselves. (p. 189)


Although becoming an artist is not my goal, I wanted to read this book to become more creative.  Writing my Morning Pages every morning, and making it a habit, has helped in many ways.  It is a good exercise to write out your frustrations, ideas, fears, and excitement.  Also, writing down dreams is imperative as they can be very revealing at times.  Dreams can solve many problems, and it becomes clear the worries that go through your head.  Writing your thoughts downs helps you to remember them and gives you time to think about them and what they might mean.  

Writing your dreams down will help you to reflect on them and what they might mean.  They don’t all have a deep meaning, but maybe it will give you some insight into a problem you are experiencing.  

I learned many new habits from this book and would recommend it to individuals who want to become creative and to get past that writer’s block.


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