Christmas romance is brewing in Evergreen Springs between a single father of two children and a doctor.  The children play a large part in the book also.  The affection towards the children seems to enhance the romance.  Cole lives on a ranch, named Evergreen Springs, which he inherited from his grandmother.  

Picking this book up from the bin of free books at the library introduced me to this author.  Otherwise, I would never have come across this novel.  Evergreen Springs is the third book of the Haven Point series by RaeAnne Thayne.  I have not read the first two books in the series (Snow Angel Cove and Snowfall on Haven Point).  However, after reading the book, I did not feel that it was necessary to read them to understand the events happening in this one.  


Cole meets Devin in the emergency room when he brings in his pregnant sister for a sprained ankle.  Devin is immediately attracted to Cole and enthralled by his children, who lost their mother a few months prior.  She wanted to see him again to get to know him better.  Therefore she created a way by asking the people from their small town to help a widowed father in need by cooking homemade dinners for Cole. Haven Point residents liked Cole and enthusiastically prepared cooked meals to help the family.  She then delivered the food to him at his house and stayed the whole day helping with the kids while he worked on his business.  A Christmas romance is about to begin. The story doesn’t focus on just the romance.  It is more about the family where Cole needs someone to help take care of his kids.  And Devin desperately wants to fill that role.

There are other characters in the book, including Cole’s father, helps to keep the interest of the reader with more story lines.  Cole does not like his father very much, but he has to put up with him because he inherited a small house on the ranch too.  Stan is an important character in the book which has developing relationships with Cole, his grandchildren, and Devin.  

The author develops the characters enough for the reader to care about them and to know their personality. This way the reader is rooting for more good things to happen with other characters than just the romantic couple.  


Evergreen Springs was enjoyable from beginning to end.  I loved the romance building between Cole and Devin intensifying throughout the book.  It didn’t happen quickly.   Another element which captured my interest was the development of relationships between Devin and the other characters, creating a more complex and exciting story.   

I thought Devin was acting like the children’s mother too quickly, before spending any time with Cole.  Other than meeting briefly in the emergency room, Cole and Devin have not spent any time together.  Then she brings him food one day and spends the whole day at his house playing with the children and decorating their Christmas tree.  Bonding with Jazmyn and Ty was her priority since she loves children.  But is is too much Devin acting as if she is the mother the very first day.  She took over Cole’s children and the house.  After getting over that, the book was good.  

Events throughout the book emphasize Christmas, so it is best to read this book during that time of year.

Haven Point Series

Evergreen Springs
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Article Name
Evergreen Springs
Christmas romance brews in Evergreen Springs between a recently widowed father of two children and a doctor. Cole meets Devin when he brings in his pregnant sister to the emergency room for a sprained ankle. Devin is the emergency physician. Their romance develops during Christmas time.
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