Hillary Clinton’s Political Scandals

Hillary Clinton’s Political Scandals


With the 2016 Presidential Election approaching, I wanted to read some books about Hillary Clinton to get more insight into her background and political career. WikiLeaks is releasing several private emails every day involving Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman John Podesta.  I picked this book up, along with three other books (Hillary’s Choice, The Case Against Hillary Clinton, and Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton) from the library.   These books reveal information that was already known before the WikiLeaks emails.  The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President details Hillary Clinton’s political scandals.

The Truth About Hillary Synopsis

The chapters in The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President are very short, 2-8 pages long.  Quotes from sources comprise much of the book.

The author, Edward Klein, briefly writes about Hillary’s childhood and her sexuality.  She is the eldest of three siblings with her being the only girl.  Her mother taught her never to allow anyone to hit her.  If someone hits you, hit back harder.  Hillary did just that many times, even fighting with boys.

Bill and Hillary’s Marriage

Bill and Hillary met at Yale Law School.  It was not a romantic relationship since there was no sexual attraction between them.  Hillary seemed not to want to have sex, and Bill had sexual relationships with many other girls.  Hillary was fine with this.  Both Hillary and Bill looked to each other to help with their individual political ambitions to get to the top.  They needed each other.

“Hillary hitched her star to the charismatic Bill Clinton.  She followed him back to Arkansas because, as she told several friends, she believed that he was going to be president one day.  According to the Reverend Don Jones, Hillary and Bill started plotting his run for the White House as early as 1982 – almost ten years before he actually declared his candidacy.” (p. 41)

Political advisors to Bill and Hillary hinted to them that having a baby would help their public image.  It wasn’t easy for them to get pregnant, so they went to a fertility specialist in California.  They were willing to go through this because both Bill and Hillary agreed that it wouldn’t look good politically for them not to have children.

Bill’s sexual infidelities had begun before he and Hillary got married.  Even back then, she would have her dad and brother keep an eye on and report on Bill’s romances.  Later, Hillary hired private investigators to watch Bill and continued this activity throughout their marriage.  She wants to make sure that it does not get out of control and ruin her career with political scandals.  When she thought the infidelities were becoming too public and too dangerous, she would have her employees remove the women by transferring them so that they wouldn’t be in direct contact with Bill.

Monica Lewinsky Scandal

When the Monica Lewinsky scandal became public, Hillary pretended that Bill’s infidelities hurt her, but it was all an act.  She needed to keep up her image.  The public sympathized with her and hated Bill for doing this to her.  However, we didn’t know at the time that Hillary knew about Bill’s infidelities all along and helped cover it up.  More political scandals are to come.

Of course, it was in Hillary’s interest to preserve the fiction that she didn’t know the truth about Bill’s philandering.  She found many creative ways to circulate the idea that she and Bill were a normal, happily married couple.  For instance, she would occasionally drop a tantalizing remark that all was sweetness and light in the presidential bedroom.  (p. 33)

After the scandals, Hillary is still gearing up for the road back to the White House.  Being the first woman President of the United is her ultimate goal, the goal she had since childhood.

My Review

The two primary emphases of the book are Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton’s impeachment.  The author dropped quotes about these subjects throughout the pages which made it difficult to follow the timeline of events.

There were too many quotes in The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President.  The words didn’t flow well with some parts confusing me.  Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment were mentioned over and over again when I thought we were past that time.

I believe that this is a good book for people who want to know the inside story of Hillary.  Most of the details I already knew from the media, but it was good to hear about what the people who worked close to her said about Hillary.  I also didn’t know anything about Hillary’s childhood.  It helps to understand her personality and why she is so ambitious with her political career.


Spark Joy While Tidying Up

Spark Joy While Tidying Up


Spark Joy written by Marie Kondo, details how to tidy up and organize your house, and consequently your life.  The essence of the book is spark joy while tidying up. In other words, if the item does not make you happy, then discard it.  I decided to read this book because it was on the Current Best Seller’s section at Barnes and Nobles.  Also after hearing some good things about the book, I wanted to read it for myself.


Spark Joy gives step-by-step instructions on how to tidy up and organize your house. The author affirms that if you go through each of these steps, you will never have clutter again.  Once your house is cleaned and clutter free, you will want to keep it that way.

When it comes time to separate your belongings into piles that spark joy while tidying up, and one of the discarded items.  Each item is picked up, and then you decide whether it makes you happy.  If it does, you will keep it, and if it doesn’t, you will get rid of it.  

“When you have finished cleaning up once and for all, you will never again relapse into clutter. You also will have clearly identified your values and what you want to do.” (p. 5)

Tidying up happens before cleaning since it is easier to do when you have less stuff.  Doing the steps in order is important.  After getting rid of everything that you either don’t want or don’t need, only things that give you joy will remain.  You will see them in your house and want to take good care of those precious items.    

“The focus was not on ease of use, but on ease of cleaning.  Once I realized this, I stopped trying to store things so that they would be easy to reach, and instead concentrated on storing everything, even dish soap and seasonings, in the cupboards.” (p. 291)

It makes it so much simpler to clean when things are put away as opposed to sitting on kitchen counters.  Place items in cupboards, even if you use them every day, to keep the kitchen free of clutter.  Consequently, when you clean, you don’t have to move things around to wipe the counters.  


Folding your clothes the right way is an essential part of organizing the dresser drawers and preventing wrinkles.  The author illustrates how to fold each piece of clothing, even underwear and socks.  It saves space in the drawer and helps you find items quickly.  Illustrations in the book clearly show how to fold a variety of clothing, so there is no confusion.


This book is perfect for individuals who have a cluttered house and feel overwhelmed.  The instructions are very easy to follow.  Since it is a step-by-step process, read a section then take action before reading further.  

 I do agree that once you tidy up and organize everything that you will never go back to a messy house.  It becomes so easy to keep your house clean.  As soon as I read the section in the book about organizing the kitchen, I immediately reacted by going to my kitchen and taking as many things off of my counters as possible and placing the items in cupboards.  I kept things out because I used them every day, but it is just as easy to open up a cabinet to retrieve the item, use it, and put it back in its place.  Clear counter space is a lot more enjoyable to see.  

Some advice I thought was helpful, and I implemented.  Other sections, however, I skimmed through.  For instance, I don’t fold my clothes as she instructs.  In fact, most of my clothes are hung up in my closet.  I started doing that since I had enough closet space to hang most of my clothes up, both winter and summer.  That works perfectly for me. 

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up


Find Your Creativity Again The Artist’s Way

Find Your Creativity Again The Artist’s Way

Find Your Creativity Again The Artist’s Way

The author, Julia Cameron, teaches techniques in a 12-week course to find your creativity again The Artist’s Way.  In the book, she gives the reader specific assignments to be completed, which are designed to help you get through writer’s block.  The author wrote this book for any artist, writer, actor, painter, musician, etc. Each chapter comprises one week of the course along with the explanation and assignments that go along with it.


At the beginning of the book, readers are instructed to begin a habit of writing their Morning Pages every day as soon as they wake up.   Start a journal.  Morning pages consist of writing three pages of your thoughts.  Just write anything that comes to your mind.  Start with the dreams that you had that night.  Then write down random thoughts.  If you can’t think of anything, write down what happened yesterday or your gratitudes.  Maybe write down your plans for the day.  However, this is not the time to write down your to-do list.  The whole exercise is to write down your thoughts, concerns, fears, and excitement.

Your dreams will become stronger and clearer, both by night and by day.  You will find yourself remembering your nighttime dreams, and by day, daydreams will catch your attention.” (p. 84)

 Artist’s Date is another assignment which will become a weekly habit.  Take two hours every week to do something fun by yourself.  Don’t let anyone come along with you because this is your time.  It is a date with you and the artist inside you.  Ultimately the Artist’s Date will become something that is joyful and that you will anticipate every week.  Have fun and enjoy this time.  


Exercise is important for our mind and creativity.  During this meditative state, our mind opens up, and we can think more clearly.  It is at this time where we can find solutions to our problems.

Exercise is often the going that moves us from stagnation to inspiration, from problem to solutions, from self-pity to self-respect. . . We learn to look at things with a new perspective.We learn to solve our problems by tapping our own inner resources and listening for inspiration, not only from others but from ourselves. (p. 189)


Although becoming an artist is not my goal, I wanted to read this book to become more creative.  Writing my Morning Pages every morning, and making it a habit, has helped in many ways.  It is a good exercise to write out your frustrations, ideas, fears, and excitement.  Also, writing down dreams is imperative as they can be very revealing at times.  Dreams can solve many problems, and it becomes clear the worries that go through your head.  Writing your thoughts downs helps you to remember them and gives you time to think about them and what they might mean.  

Writing your dreams down will help you to reflect on them and what they might mean.  They don’t all have a deep meaning, but maybe it will give you some insight into a problem you are experiencing.  

I learned many new habits from this book and would recommend it to individuals who want to become creative and to get past that writer’s block.


Friendship Strengthened After the Fire

Friendship Strengthened After the Fire

I am writing a book review of After the Fire by Robin Gaby Fisher.  Robin tells a true story about an unusual friendship.  After the fire that burned their dormitory, two friends stayed with each other throughout their whole recovery.  Two young boys, freshman in college, were burned in an arson fire in their room.  The story of their recovery reveals how heartbreaking and emotional a tragedy can be to the patients and their family.

I picked this book up at the library while browsing through the fiction section.  After reading the title, I was intrigued, and the summary sounded interesting, so I decided to check it out of the library.

Robin Gaby Fisher is a nationally acclaimed news feature writer with the Star-Ledger in Newark, New Jersey.  Star-Ledger editor, Fran Dauth, asked Robin to write this story of two students who were victims of the Seton Hall fire.


After the Fire is a true story about two friends who survived a tragedy.  They were victims in an arson fire set in the dormitory building at Seton Hall where they were living.  Being randomly selected as roommates, Shawn Simons and Alvaro Llanos immediately became best friends.  A few months into their freshman year, in January, someone set a fire in the building where they were living.  That one instant changed their lives forever.

Each of the main characters in the book gave their perspective of the fire.  Shawn, Alvaro, and Angie, Alvaro’s girlfriend, each told their story of what happened that morning.  They escaped the fire separately and had their different recollections of the events.

Interspersed within the story of their recovery is updates on the investigation of the cause of the fire, which revealed that it was arson.  It is important to know that this fire was not an accident.

One section of the book shocked me. Alvaro, being awake and able to talk, revealed what he remembered about the fire.  It is subtle, but it is one moment that startled me.  I stopped reading to think about it what I just read.  It saddened me too, thinking about how the Alvaro, Shawn, and Angie reacted when they heard each other’s stories.

Alvaro says,  “The first floor was clear of smoke, and he could see students staring at him as he ran, ran as fast as he could, toward the front doors.  Through the blur of his delirium, he could still make out the expressions of horror on their faces.” (p. 143).


My favorite part of the book was when Alvaro finally showed signs of waking up from his coma and began to respond to people.  (p. 125-126).  Shawn had been visiting Alvaro in the hospital for a while.  Consequently, every day was the same with Alvaro being in a comatose state.  Alvaro heard what people were saying about him, but couldn’t respond.  On this day, however, Alvaro blinked when Shawn talked to him.  With Alvaro being on the verge of death and not much hope of surviving, the doctors and nurses expected he would never leave the hospital.  This day changed everything around.  Now everyone had hope and went full speed ahead to getting him better and discharged from the hospital.

The author revealed the character’s emotions through each step of the recovery, which I liked.  If we haven’t been through the same experience, we don’t know how people feel.  Sometimes people feel guilt after a tragic event.  Could I have done something different to prevent this from happening?  And then there is always, why did this have to happen?  There is a lot to think about as I read the story.

Overall, I thought this book was good.  I’m glad I read it, and it didn’t take long.

How To Get Thin By Eating Fat

How To Get Thin By Eating Fat


Can eating fat really make you thin?  Author Mark Hyman answers this question in his book Eat Fat, Get Thin.

I first heard about Mark Hyman from a speech he gave at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I am taking their program now to become a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Mark’s speech is part of the curriculum. After hearing his lecture I immediately wanted to read his books because he inspired me so much and he gave a lot of good health information.


The first part of the book is about studies that have been done about whether fat is good for you.  The studies vary in their conclusions.  Mark Hyman explains why the studies are wrong and the new research out now to dispel what we used to believe about eating fat. The old myth of eating fat will make you fat has now been proved to not be true.  Eating the right fats will actually make you thin.  Mark Hyman describes in great detail about the many different kinds of fats.  He also describes many studies that have been done concerning the health of people who eat saturated fat.

The second part of the book deals more with specific foods, such as olive oil and nuts.  Mark Hyman explains the best way to buy, prepare, and store these foods for the highest nutritional benefit. Nutrition is lost if the food is prepared or stored the wrong way.

The third part includes the diet plan with lots of recipes and what to do before you begin this new way of eating.  There are different stages of the diet.  This is a detox diet so there will be a lot of food you will not be allowed to have.  Finally, in the transition phase, more food are brought into the diet.


The book is loaded with great nutritional advice.

“Saturated fats lower inflammation when consumed with a low-carb, high-fiber, omega-3-rich diet.  And lowering inflammation is key to healing and weight loss.” (p. 97)

“The main reason that grass-fed meat is better for you is that you are not what you eat – you are what your food eats!”  Cows are supposed to eat grass, but most times they are fed grain.  Cow’s stomachs were not made to eat grain, so the farmers give the cows antibiotics to counteract the bloating that they get from the grain.  Grass-fed meat is healthy for you because it is loaded with nutrients that your body needs.  It is more expensive than the grain-fed beef, but you don’t need to eat as much.


The author describes a lot of studies in the first half of the Eat Fat, Get Thin which were boring to me.  Furthermore, Mark Hyman detailed most of the types of saturated fats, such as stearic acid, lauric acid, and palmitic acid.  Which is fine if he would then explain what they meant. After reading a little further I started to understand when he talked about these certain types.   I felt that he was communicating with another doctor, not a client who picked up the book because they wanted to get healthy.

Once I got to the second and third parts of the book, I began to really feel that I was getting some good information.  This book is great for beginners.  Choosing the right kinds of oils and learning what to look for on the label enlightened me.  I never knew what extra virgin olive oil meant.  The recipes are easy to follow, even if you are a beginner.  Just in case someone doesn’t know how to cook, the author goes step by step in how to prepare the meals.  For example, he writes about how to blanch, roast, saute, along with many other methods.

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